Sewing seeds for the future of a healthy trucking industry.

Sowing SeedsThe inaugural meeting of the Next Generation Council was held in September of 2012 prior to the start of the 75th Annual Convention.  The council was formed to develop informed leadership for the next generation in the trucking industry.  This group of young business entrepreneurs will be leading their companies into the future.  These emerging leaders will meet three times each year with one of the meetings held during the annual convention.  At least one of the three meetings will include a trip to the state capitol to meet with legislators.

Realizing the potential benefit of this new council, a number of members of MoTA nominated colleagues, children and even grandchildren!

The first meeting included a Walk to the Capitol and tour.  There were visits with the Secretary of State, Jason Kander and State Treasurer, Clint Zweifel, Senator Mike Kehoe and various State Representatives.  The group also had the opportunity to attend the Senate Transportation Committee in action as well as observe Session.  The goal is to have one similar meeting each year during session.

Any up and coming individual of a MoTA member company can be nominated to join this exciting informative council.  It is an educational opportunity for those interested in leading the next generation into the future.  The council is designed to help members feel comfortable navigating within the trucking industry.  With knowledge and understanding comes the ability to effect change toward the goal of a  healthy prosperous future for trucking.

Next Generation Nomination Form