September 04, 2020

TRAFFIC ALERT: Route 51/Chester bridge weight limit reduced to 25 tons due to deterioration

SIKESTON – Recent bridge inspections have revealed deterioration, requiring MoDOT to restrict heavy loads on the Route 51/Chester Bridge over the Mississippi River in Perry County to 25 tons. New weight-limit signs will be installed on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Traffic Impacts:

  1. Weight limits on the bridge will be reduced to 25 tons, including loads of grain/grain co-products.
  2. A regular semi-truck weighs 40 tons.
  3. Bridge will remain open to traffic.
  4. Bridge is safe for travel.

Future Plans:

  1. Plans for bridge repairs are underway.
  2. Prior to repairs, additional information regarding timelines will be released.

Once completed, the load posting will be increased to 40 tons.