Yesterday, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published the official Federal Register version of its Proposed Rule outlining the creation of a Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse. The agency issued a preview version last week. The proposed rule would require employers, medical review officers, third party administrators, and substance abuse professionals to submit records relating to positive drug and alcohol tests, refusals to test, return to duty information, and traffic citations in connection with drug/alcohol misuse. The proposal does not require the submission of employer observations and employee admissions of drug and alcohol use to the Clearinghouse. Motor carriers would be required to query the Clearinghouse during pre-employment screening of applicants, and on an annual basis for current drivers, upon payment of a “reasonable” fee. Also, prospective employers would continue to be required to conduct inquiries to past employers. A copy of the proposed rule, an ATA comprehensive summary, and a shorter ATA executive summary are available here. Comments on the proposed rule are due by April 21, 2014.