For Immediate Release                           Contact: Tom Crawford   (573) 634-3388

Boonville, Joplin & Hayti, MO- The Missouri Trucking Association’s Council of Safety Supervisors has arranged to visit with the motoring public at three separate locations around the state on Friday September 4th.

Rest Stop – I-70 Westbound, Boonville, MO

Welcome Center – I-44 Eastbound, Joplin, MO

Welcome Center – I-55 Northbound, Hayti, MO

Safety information will be available, to educate both young and experienced drivers about operating around Commercial Motor Vehicles. A No Zone Display will be available for demonstrations, to help motorists become familiar with the “No Zone” around a commercial motor vehicle where the driver cannot see other vehicles.

During the holiday weekend, the highway becomes more congested as everyone makes that last summer trip. Dedicated safety professionals, including representatives of Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missouri Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and America’s Road Team, will be taking time out of their busy lives to share professional safety tips with the public to help ensure that everyone has a safe weekend.

Refreshments will be available at each of the three locations.

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