NTDAW 09 13-19 2015


National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is quickly approaching and we are all gearing up to show support for the men and women who deliver the goods each day. ATA has launched the Official Merchandise website where you can browse our affordably priced gear, complete with the official 2015 NTDAW logo. This year, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is being held from September 13 through 19. There is no better way to show your appreciation for the truck drivers across the nation, and those in your own hometown, than with official NTDAW gifts. Check out the online store where you will find affordable prices on all the NTDAW products!

Please call the number below to learn more about special, co-branding opportunities.  Order online or call 1-800-466-7163. You have until August 17th to place an order!