Soon, working within MoDOT Carrier Express will be even easier. The new features include:

-A new look – Tabs and links are replaced with drop down menus, making movements around the system quicker and easier

-Keeping track of invoices and credits is a snap! All active invoices are available in one view. You can see invoices due, partially-paid invoices, credits and overpayments.

-See penalty, interest and convenience fees before entering payment information.

-Need to find a specific cart? All open invoices are available in a single view. Also, all invoices are listed in chronological order and are searchable.

-Use your favorite operating system. MCE will be compatible with Internet Explorer version 8 through 11 AND Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox!

Watch your email for more information – including the launch date.

Thanks for helping to improve the MoDOT CarrierExpress experience – helping you manage your business needs on YOUR schedule.