Conditions are deteriorating in Northwestern Georgia and there have already been some lane closures and blockages due to icy conditions.  There have also been a growing number of rumors about what is and is not being done and what orders are being given regarding truck traffic.

GMTA is keeping in touch with Governor Deal’s office, DOT and DPS and will send updates as they come in, but the DOT also maintains a website that is particularly useful for real-time updating (and a quick way to check rumors).  The Georgia Navigator site at allows map views, including a look at what is posted on the state’s on-road message boards and other valuable information.  You are urged to use this site both for planning and to help ensure accurate information flows between companies and drivers.

For the Latest Emergency Declaration click here.  Governor Deal has updated his state of emergency declaration as of this morning.

GMTA has created an extreme weather page to keep updates and information in chronological order.  If there is a need to refer back to some earlier note, please visit the website at  Click the banner on the home page to access the weather-related archives.