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Dramatically improve driver performance and safety while reducing expenses and accidents…

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You and your fleet can achieve tremendous results with the Infinit-i™ Online Driver Safety Solution… And since you are a Missouri Trucking Association Member, your fleet is eligible for substantial discount!

Vertical Alliance Group (VAG) was founded in 1999 and is focused on providing web-based driver safety training solutions to help motor carriers of all sizes and types train, monitor, and improve their safety programs, as well as, how to achieve a return on investment (ROI) by impacting strategic areas of their operation.

Call today to schedule a FREE evaluation of Infinit-i™, where you will learn how our web-based driver safety training solution can:

·       Improve CSA Scores

·       Reduce Orientation Expenses

·       Increase Fuel Efficiency

·       Reduce Violations & Accidents

·       Decrease Insurance Premiums

·       Reduce Driver Turnover

·       Reduce Training Budgets by 50%

·       Positively Modify Driver Behavior

·       Over 350+ Online Videos

Vertical Alliance member benefits

Call today to schedule your FREE evaluation and to learn how you can achieve these results…

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