Jurisdiction Gross Weight Limit (LBS) Axle Weight Limits (LBS) Dimensions Highways* Notes
Alabama 90,000 (5 or 6 axle only) Not specified None All
Alaska None None
Arizona None None
Arkansas None None
California None None
Colorado 84,999 Not specified None All
Connecticut 25% Not specified None All
Delaware 100,000 Not specified Length: 119′, Width: 15′; Height: 14′ All
District of Columbia
Florida 95,000 See here. Length: 95′; Width: 14′; Height: 14’6″ All state-maintained
Georgia 95,000 Not specified Length: 100′; Width: 10′ All state-maintained
Idaho None None
Illinois 88,000 10% Length: 100′; Width:14′ All state-maintained
Indiana None None
Iowa 90,000 12.50% Not specified Non-Interstate state roads
Kansas None None
Kentucky Trucks providing relief supplies do not need to stop at weigh stations.
Louisiana 88,000 Not specified None
Maine None None
Maryland 15% 15% None All
Massachusetts None None
Michigan None Exemption from seasonal weight restrictions
Minnesota 12.5% up to 90,000 12.5% up to 20,000 None Non-Interstate roads. (Interstates only if Federal Highway Administration gives permission).
Mississippi 90,000 on 5-axle vehicle 40,000 on tandems None Not specified
Missouri Up to 100,000 if at least 55′ from centerline to centerline of extreme axles; otherwide 10% None None Non-Interstate roads.
Montana 10% 10% None All
Nebraska All Length and weight limits suspended.
Nevada None None
New Hampshire None None
New Jersey None None
New Mexico None None
New York
North Carolina 90,000 22,000 single axle; 42,000 tandem axle Length: 75′; width: 12′ All except light traffic roads
North Dakota Executive Order issued but awaiting guidance from DOT
Ohio 90,000 (5+ axles) 20,000 per axle All
Oklahoma None None
Pennsylvania None None
Rhode Island None None
South Carolina 90,000 Not specified Width: 12′; Height: 13’6″ Non-Interstate roads
South Dakota None None
Tennessee 95,000 20,000 per axle Length: 100′; Width: 14’6″; Height: 14′ 4″   on the Interstate Highway System, except on Interstate 55, and 13′ 6″ on Interstate 5 5 and any other highway on
the National Highway System
All state-maintained
Texas Executive Order issued but awaiting guidance from DOT
Utah None None
Vermont None None
Virginia 3-axle: 60,000; 4-axle:70,000; 5-axle: 90,000; 6+-axle: 100,000 Single: 24,000; Tandem: 44,000; tridem: 54,500; quad: 64,500 Width: 12′; Height: 14′ All state-maintained
Washington None None
West Virginia 90,000 Single: 22,000; Tandem: 42,000 Width: 12′ Interstate and other National Network routes
Wisconsin 88,000 10% All except class II and roads with seasonal weight limits.
Wyoming None None
*All or all state-maintained includes Interstates