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The Missouri Trucking Association was incorporated in 1937. Today it represents the interests of hundreds of member companies that operate trucks, including both for-hire and private carriers, as well as allied members that provide products and services to the motor carriers industry.

2.18.21 Winter Storms Emergency Declaration

Regional Emergency Declaration Under 49 CFR § 390.23 No. 2021-001 ESC-MSC-SSC-WSC - Regional Emergency Declaration 2021-001 - Winter Storms - 02-17-2020.pdf Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration February 17, 2021 REGIONAL EMERGENCY DECLARATION UNDER 49 CFR §...

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  • Trucks transported 81% of total manufactured tonnage in the state in 2017 81% 81%
  • 73% of Missouri communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods. 73% 73%
  • The trucking industry is 100% committed to sharing the safety with all vehicles. 100% 100%

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