Q: Do truck drivers need to carry a letter stating they are exempt from shutdowns?

A: No. A letter is not required however many companies are doing this to ease their driver’s concerns about receiving citations from law enforcement. Police will not be stopping people, truckers or otherwise, right now unless they are doing something blatantly wrong. They know drivers are providing essential services. Under even the strict stay-at-home orders in areas such as STL, people can still leave to take care of loved-ones, provide essential services, or go to the doctors. If it eases the driver’s mind, a letter stating the driver is performing essential services can be provided on company letterhead, but no- it is not necessary at this point.

Q: How can drivers get their medical recertification when many offices are closed, and will there be an extension?

A: As of now, drivers will need to visit the Dept. of Revenue’s website to find the nearest office that is open. Many are by appointment only to limit the number of people in a building. Tom is in contact to try to get an extension for medical recertification, but as of now, drivers will need to check the DOR site to get their forms processed