The Connecticut Department of Transportation Oversize/Overweight Unit advises that route restrictions will be in place on March 5, 2014 because of President Barack Obama’s visit to Connecticut.
Consequently, the Unit will not be able to issue over dimension permits for the following routes of travel:
I-91 north and southbound from the Windsor Locks exits to the Middletown exits
Route 9, both directions, from Middletown to the I-84 interchange

The actual hours that these restrictions will remain in effect have not been published, but past experience suggests that the highways involved during a Presidential motorcade are controlled hours before, hours during, and hours after a Presidential visit. Best advice would be to plan an alternate route for any necessary travel.  CONNDOT will issue permits for travel outside of the affected areas and will try to accommodate alternate routes of travel if necessary.

For general travel, be advised that roads, highway exits, overpasses, etc. are routinely closed as the Presidential motorcade approaches. Best advice again would be to avoid the I-91/Route 9 area altogether and find alternate routes or postpone travel until the President’s visit is over.