G Findley Reed Award Recipients

G. Findley Reed was a long-time allied member of the Missouri Trucking Association and a leader in the insurance industry. Fin Reed had a high regard for the Association and recognized the importance of bringing together, at least once a year, both the allied industry and the motor carrier members of the Association. So each year at the annual convention, an allied industry member is recognized for service to the motor carrier industry and, in particular, for service to the Association.

Past recipients of the G. Findley Reed Award are:
1979                Ray Langer                             Trailer Services, Inc.
1980                Frank Alley                             St Louis Freightliner Co.
1981                Richard McCabe                     Truckmart, Inc.
1982                Ken Voorhes                           Insurance Management
1983                Harry Struby                           Volvo White Trucks
1984                Mike Saale                              Southwest Diesel, Inc.
1985                Larry Carril                             Cummins Gateway, Inc.
1986                Bob Tucker                             Ozark Kenworth, Inc.
1987                George Berigan                      Fruehauf Trailer Operations
1988                Beverly Cunliffe-Owen          Beverly Industrial Tools & Fasteners
1989                Richard Drukker                     Cummins Mid-America, Inc.
1990                Jack Simon                             Gateway City International
1991                Don Campbell                        Western Diesel Services, Inc.
1992                Tom Payne                              Cummins Mid-America, Inc.
1993                Kirby Brooner                         Brooner & Squires Insurors
1994                Fred Bayless                           F & C Truck Sales
1995                Larry Phillops                         Humphrey Spring Co.
1996                Virgil Eikermann                    Clark Detroit Diesel-Allison
1997                Bill Donovan                          KCR International
1998                John Cline                               Cline Wood Agency
1999                Rose Studdard                         Southwest Missouri Truck Center
2000                Bob Vanderslice                     Midway Sterling Truck Center
2001                Bob Lee                                  Great West Casualty
2002                Justin Williamson                   Midwest Systems
2003                Stan Linnertz                          DAC Services
2004                Robert J Meyer                       The Meyer Group
2005                Tom Boland                            Tom Boland Ford/Sterling/Western Star
2006                Mike Wettstein                       Central Power Systems & Services, Inc.
2007                Jim Pruett                               Great West Casualty Company
2008                Steve Ash                                Fabick CAT
2009                Allen Lane                              Central States Thermo King, Inc.
2010                Lindell Byron                         AAA Trailer Services, Inc.
2011                David Gach                             Dave’s Diesel Service, Inc.
2012                Lou Helmsing                         Craftsmen Trailer LLC
2013                Brad Sturges                           Springfield Freightliner Sales
2014                Ted Perryman                         Roberts Perryman PC
2015               Robert Eldridge                      Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems
2016               Skip Wombolt                        Cline Wood, a Marsh & McLennan Agency
2017                Kyle Larson                            Mid America Peterbilt
2018                Larry Hewitt                            MHC Kenworth
2019                Steve Cook                             Summit Truck Group
2020               Karen Rasmussen                   PrePass Safety Alliance