Frank G. Campbell Outstanding Service Award Recipients

The Frank G. Campbell Outstanding Service Award was established in 1975 to honor a motor carrier member of the Missouri Motor Carriers Association for dedication and service to the Association, truck transportation, and public service. Frank G. Campbell was a trucking pioneer.

Past recipients of the Frank G. Campbell Outstanding Service Award are:
1975                      Mark Robeson                     Yellow Freight System
1976                      LeRoy Wolfe                        Mid-America Lines, Inc.
1977                      Frank G. Campbell             Campbell “66” Express
1978                      Paul Dodds                           Dodds Truck Line, Inc.
1979                      Chuck Hoffman                   Chicago Kansas City Frt
1980                      Kenneth Churchill              Churchill Truck Lines
1981                      Anthony Altadonna             Superior Forwarding Co.
1982                      John Belger                          Belger Cartage Service
1983                      Robert Holwick                    Kaw Transport Co.
1984                      Gene Robertson                   Roofers Supply & Service
1985                      Donald Suddarth                  Cetco, Incorporated
1986                      Nelson Tolbert                      Southern Missouri Freight
1987                      James T. Allinder                 Kissick Truck Lines, Inc.
1988                      David L. Sitton                      Sitton Motor Lines, Inc.
1989                      Jim Tiona                               Tiona Truck Lines, Inc.
1990                      Tom Ward                               Jack Cooper Transport Co.
1991                      Alf Erickson                           Erickson Transport Corp.
1992                      Stone Manes                          Ceramo Company, Inc.
1993                      John Wagner                         Wagner Industries
1994                      Larry Kloeppel                      Transport Distribution
1995                      Danny Opie                            Opies   Transport Co.
1996                     Richard Sitton                         Sitton Motor Lines, Inc.
1997                     (not awarded)
1998                     Harry Witte                                Witte Brothers Exchange, Inc.
1999                      Dave Kramp                              Rogers Cartage Company
2000                      Robert Schilli                           Truck Transport, Inc.
2001                       Glendon Walker                      Transland, Inc.
2002                       Michael Stuckenschneider   Jack’s Truck Rental, Inc.
2003                       H.E. “Spook” Whitener         Trailiner Corporation
2004                       Tom Kretsinger, Sr.                American Central Transport, Inc.
2005                       Jim O’Neal                                 O & S Trucking.Inc.
2006                       George Burruss                       Missouri Motor Carriers Assn. President
2007                       Larry Morgan                           Gencom, Inc.
2008                       Robert W. Wilson                   Missouri Motor Carriers Association
2009                       Dean Sexton                             D & D Sexton, Inc.
2010                       John Hancock                          Prime, Inc.
2011                       Ronald D. Breau                      Missouri Trucking Association
2012                       Mike Walker                             TCSI-Transland, Inc.
2013                       Tom Kretsinger, Jr.                American Central Transport, Inc.
2014                       Ross Nichols                            Missouri Trucking Association
2015                       Brent Witte                               Witte Bros. Exchange, Inc.
2016                      Brett Sheets                             Steelman Transportation Inc.