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Had or about to have a DOT audit?

Are driver files bogging you down?

Want to open your own trucking company, but don’t know where to begin?

We are here to help!  With us you can put your mind at ease knowing that ALL your safety needs will be met.  Below is an overview of some of the services we offer.

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~ Mock Compliance Review / Mock DOT Audit ~

Assist pre and post-DOT / State Audit
Assist during DOT / State Audit
Perform courtesy audit before a DOT Audit

~ Traffic Accident / Crashes ~

Review Accident report(s)
Interview driver(s)
Inspection of involved equipment
Assist with the insurance company
Independent accident preventability review

~ Driver Application Files ~

Driver application review
Medical form review
MVR verification
Driver’s annual review
Training of staff personnel

~ Vehicle Maintenance Files ~

Service schedules
Annual inspection reports
Certification of brake and annual inspectors
Record keeping requirements
Driver vehicle examination reports and training
DOT enforcement vehicle inspection

~ Training Classes ~

Logs and hours of service
Vehicle inspection – Pre / Post trip requirements
Drivers’ files
Load securement
Safety meetings
Drug and alcohol reasonable suspicion training for supervisors
New entrant training classes

~ Log Auditing ~

Verify form and accuracy
Review drivers’ hours of service
Record keeping requirements
Monthly report to management


Prevention, Protection & Profitability

Safe operation is an assumed standard for any business. A sound safety record also is critical for managing your bottom line. A top-notch DOT safety rating keeps your insurance costs lower, helps protect you in legal disputes and often opens the door to the best business opportunities available.

Missouri Truck Services offers comprehensive safety and compliance services to help you maintain a safe operation, boost your safety rating and effectively manage your business.

Core safety and compliance services include:

Mock regulatory compliance audits
Safety and regulatory training
Regulatory consultation and assistance
Corrective action planning
CSA management


Missouri Truck Services

Safety & Compliance Solutions Pricing


$125 per hour for Members / $150 per hour for Non-Members


$50 per month for MoTA Members / $100 per month for Non-Members

For a monthly fee, the Missouri Truck Services staff will monitor your CSA scores and provide a report of trends and areas of concern.  Staff will send a letter when your company CSA score rises to within 10% of the intervention threshold so you may correct the issue before it shows on DOT’s radar.


$75 each DATA Q for MoTA Members / $100 each DATA Q for Non-Members


$150 per month for MoTA Members / $200 per month for Non-Members

For a monthly fee, the Missouri Truck Serivces staff will conduct a mock DOT audit at your facility with your choice of up to four (4) hours each quarter or eight (8) hours biannually or sixteen (16) hours each year. Priority scheduling and 10% off of hourly rate if additional time is needed.


$75 per truck

MTS staff will conduct a full Level 1 Inspection on your truck and trailer with a  full report.


Streamline the Complexities of Licensing & Permitting

Missouri Truck Services eliminates the confusion of complex licensing and permitting requirements.  The MTS team has the technical knowledge and proven processes to keep you on the road.


$600 for MoTA Members / $850 for Non-Members

For a flat fee and set amount of time, new carriers may utilize the expertise of Missouri Truck Services to satisfy the necessary filing requirements that must be fulfilled to get your operations running.  This bundled package covers the following areas for up to eight (8) hours of assistance:

New IRP Application & Filing
New IFTA Application & Filing
FMCSA Operating Authority
Intrastate Operating Authority
UCR Application & Filing
HVUT Form 2290 Return & Filing


$500 for MoTA Members / $750 for Non-Members

Existing carriers, no matter type of size, can depend of Missouri Truck Services to keep you moving forward every renewal season and filing period.  Members and non-members of the Missouri Truck Services can get up to six (6) hours of assistance in the following areas:

IRP Renewal Filing
IFTA Renewal Filing
MCS-150 Update
UCR Renewal Filing
HVUT Form 2290 Return & Filing


$100 Per Hour for MoTA Members / $150 Per Hour for Non-Members  

(billed in 15-minute increments)

IRP Renewal
IFTA Renewal
Adding Jurisdictions
IFTA Quarterly Filing
Weight Increase Request
IFTA Recordkeeping with Quarterly Filing
Refund Prorate Request
Adding/Deleting Power Units
Company Name Change
Consultation & General Help


HVUT Form 2290 Return
Temporary Trip & Fuel Permits
Unified Carrier Registration
Intrastate Operating Authority
MCS-150 Update
FMCSA Operating Authority

Prices of the bundled packages are for services only. 

You are responsible for paying all fees and charges associated with the listed applications and filings.

Any work performed beyond the hours allotted will be billed in 15-minutes increments at a rate of $100 per hour. 


New CSA Regulations are strict.

They not only affect your driving status but can affect your ability to obtain good loads.  We want to be your partner in this industry!


Driven to keep you driving.

 With complex and ever-increasing regulatory demands, Missouri Truck Services (MTS) simply eliminates your worries. Our expert assistance and guidance provides peace of mind in knowing your operation is compliant. We are driven to keep you on the road and focused on your business’s bottom line.

 Proven Expertise

The MTS team has decades of experience working within the Missouri Department of Transportation, for private businesses and with the Missouri Trucking Association. Our comprehensive capabilities can provide you with a single-source solution for all your regulatory and compliance needs.

 Powerful Relationships

Long-standing professional alliances with Missouri and Federal agencies enable MTS to deliver business-building results. We have established relationships with the key industry regulators and, as an association-based independent service provider, our sole priority is your business success.

 Unmatched Resources

The MTS staff is dedicated and committed to giving 100 percent to its customers. For decades, the Missouri Trucking Association has been devoted to serving the needs of the trucking industry and this same passion is the foundation of our success with Missouri Truck Services. Unlike others in the business, MTS can provide a comprehensive approach to a trucking company’s unique needs because of our expertise in all areas of an operation. We are responsive, we are attentive and we are committed to providing unmatched attention to detail and customer service.


Call us today

and let us take care of the “paperwork” side of trucking.

For your convenience, we offer the following two specialized contracted services to help companies requiring on-going personalized service:


8 hours per month @ $800 per month or 24 hours @ $2,400 per month for MoTA members

8 hours per month @ $1,000 per month or 24 hours @ $3,000 per month for non-members

Assist company in writing policies and procedures
Review monthly log audits
Spot check logs for accuracy
Interview driver applicants
Assist Human Resources with DQ files
Monitor company drug & alcohol program
Review company accidents
Conduct occasional DOT audit reviews



$3,000 per month for MoTA members / $3,500 per month for non-members 

Assist with ALL US DOT and State compliance issues
32 hours of service per month
Services personalized to your company’s needs

Any time needed beyond the allotted time for the above subscription service (Transportation Safety Advisor & Transportation Safety Director) is available for $100 per hour.

Any travel within a 30-mile radius of Jefferson City will result in a $50.00 per day travel expense: outside of a 30-mile radius of Jefferson City, MO – $100.00 per day travel expense.


We also offer the following services:

  • Prepass registration.  We will complete the application and get your set up with them so you can bypass the weigh stations and stay on the road
  • Driver training in house, at your location or via web conference.
  • —- This training can be one-on-one or as a group.  You will see driver participation and CSA scores increase by bringing in an outside source to complete drivers meetings and/or training.


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